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Susan James

I have been in some kind of pain needing chiropractic treatment for most of my life due to curvature of the spine. …Dr. Myers is the only chiropractor I have ever seen who has been able to eliminate all my pain.  He’s the best!  (Complete testimonial)

Jackie Boxley, Citrus College – Head Softball Coach and Associate Professor

About 5 years ago I began to see Dr. Myers here at San Antonio Pain Relief.  Right away I felt release I had not felt in years.  As a former college athlete I had stiffness and tight muscles that had progressively grown worse over the years of wear and tear on my body. …I was able to make movements that had been either difficult or caused pain or strain before I began care. …I highly recommend chiropractic care and Dr. Myers has been the “man” for me.   (Complete testimonial)

Rhonda S.

I feel that chiropractic care at San Antonio Pain Relief is provided with integrity.  The staff is honest and never pushy when offering services.  I appreciate the reliance on proven techniques as opposed to the latest pills that are so often offered in doctor’s offices these days.  (Complete testimonial)

Rebecca Deighan

I had considered alternative treatments, but was reluctant.  I came to see Dr. Kenneth Myers at the San Antonio Pain Relief & Rehabilitation Center as a last hope.  Dr. Myers listened to my story and he put together a treatment plan suited to my condition.  With regular treatment for approximately 3 weeks he changed my life!  (Complete testimonial)

Peggy Sorenson

As a member of Kaiser Permanente, I had been to my primary physician, rheumatology, physical medicine, and orthopedics.  I was given 2 MRI’s.  I even went to an herb specialist trying to get help with the pain.  All of them gave me a diagnosis but no one gave me any suggestions that would help with the constant pain.  …I came to the San Antonio Pain Relief and Chiropractic Center.  Dr. Myers looked at my x-rays and the report from the MRI’s from Kaiser.  “Of course I can help you,” he said. He administered some electric probing, gentle, easy adjustments, and stretching exercises.  …Dr. Myers has done more for me in a month than all the other doctors put together did in over a year.  (Complete testimonial)

Pam Lee

San Antonio Pain Relief and Chiropractic Center has been one of tremendous physical help to me.  … Thank you San Antonio Pain Relief and Chiropractic for the care you take in educating patients to have a pain free lifestyle.  (Complete testimonial)

Norma Reynolds

I don’t have health care coverage for chiropractic care but it’s one of the few things that has “worked” for me.  I have to “self-pay”, but it is worth every penny!  I thank God for chiropractors, especially the two in this office.  I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy Neuner and Dr. Kenneth Myers to anyone who wants to get the pain relief we all deserve, besides, they are just plain ol’ nice guys, and who doesn’t need a few more of those in their life?  (Complete testimonial)

Karen Couch

Dear Dr. Monica: I want to sincerely thank you for referring me to “San Antonio Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Center”. Dr. Myers has been an incredible help to me with my herniated disk and sciatica. … I have been working out on the MED-X machine during those visits, and tests show that strength in my back has increased greatly. …I can’t tell you what it means to me to be pain-free… (Complete testimonial)

Jack McKelvey

Tired of walking pretzel like and with pain, I sought and found relief from San Antonio Pain Relief and Chiropractic.  Dr. Ken and Dr. Jeremy have, through their ministrations, relieved my pain and straightened my walk.  I do not hesitate to recommend these doctors to friends and relatives because of their extensive training, experience, and expertise.  (Complete testimonial)

Dan Marshall

Dr. Myers examined me and started to work with me in relieving the pain.  After the first visit the pain was reduced considerably.  For the first time in a week I was able to get some sleep the whole night through.  Dr. Myers prescribed some stretches for me to do at home as well.  (Complete testimonial)

Christine S. Read

These doctors (Dr. Myers and Dr. Neuner) are wonderful.  They took the time and trouble to help me where no one else could.  This kind of treatment really works and without medication which to me was an additional blessing.  I will forever be grateful to these doctors.  (Complete testimonial

Cathy Ferree

Dr. Myers and his staff were so helpful and encouraging at a time that I was confused about my symptoms and what direction to take next. …He listened to my story and said he would start with the simple approach and see if there was some relief. … To my surprise I felt much better that evening after months of discomfort. Many thanks to Dr. Myers, Ryanne, and Karen  (Complete testimonial)