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Simple, Safe & Successful.

The San Antonio Pain Relief & Chiropractic Center utilizes state of the art MedX rehabilitation equipment that decreases pain and strengthens the lower back through diagnostic exercise. It is simple, safe, and highly successful in restoring normal strength and function to the human spine. The following are excerpts from peer-reviewed articles that appeared in prestigious scientific journals.

MedX is proven to have long term results.

94% of patients who underwent a MedX rehabilitation program for chronic low back pain had maintained good to excellent outcomes at a one-year follow-up. In the year after completion of MedX treatment only 12% of patients needed to re-enter the health care system for spinal problems. Spine, 1999.

MedX may eliminate the need for back surgery.

Avoidance of surgery is often possible with adequate strengthening of the back extensors – in one study 92.1% of the participants were able to avoid surgery for their back condition following a rehabilitation program with the MedX. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, January 1999.

It is a safe and effective exercise tool.

Strength training studies conducted on health individuals with once a week exercise session for 10 weeks elicited 42% to 102% improvement in muscular strength. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 1999.
When compared to a group that underwent traditional physical therapy following lumbar disc surgery, the group that followed MedX protocols showed better improvement in lumbar extensor power (51.6%improvement versus 17.5%) for mass gain in deeps low back musculature (29.23% versus 7.2%) and pain reduction (2.51 versus 4.30, on a zero to ten pain scale).
The percentages of returning to work within 4 months after surgery were significantly greater in the MedX group than in the control group (87% versus 24%, respectively). Neurosurgery, 2008

MedX is superior to any other training device.
Controlled training studies comparing MedX, Cybex and Nautilus equipment documented that MedX equipment was the only tool that strengthened lumbar extension (low back) strength. Lower back muscles respond only to isolated rehabilitation exercises. Archives of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation, 1994.

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